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Air Works capability includes fabrication of floor boards on site under approval from M.C. Gill Fab Corporation
Air Works capability includes Unit Load Device (ULD) repair under approval from Nordisk
Air Works has specialized workshop for composite, sheet metal and cabin interiors including controlled stores at Hosur, Bengaluru.
Air Works has a Maintenance Repair and Overhaul Services Agreement (MROSA) with Airbus for the purchase and sale of technical data, software services, Airbus world, Training & training aids
Air Works has a Hardware, Material, Services, and General Terms Agreement (HMSGTA) and supplemental license agreement with Boeing for access to My Boeing Fleet
Air Works has established a 'Forward Stocking Location' (FSL) with 25,000 sq. ft shelving space for aircraft parts at the Bengaluru International Airport and is capable of stocking small engine and APU
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