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Air Works
  Air Works is the first GA MRO in India with an EASA Part 145 approval for its maintenance facility at Mumbai and Delhi

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Air Works
Air Works
  Air Works is India’s first EASA Certified MRO for Airbus A320 Series, Airbus A330-200/300, ATR 42/72 Series, Boeing 737 NG/CL Series and Boeing 777-200/300

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Class Rating Limitation Base Line
Aircraft A1 Aeroplanes above 5700 kg

Airbus A319/320/321

Airbus A330-200/300  
ATR 42-500
ATR 72-212A
ATR 72-100/200 Series
Boeing 737-300/400/500  
Boeing 737-700/800/900
Boeing 777-200/300  
Class Rating Limitation

Components other than complete engines or APUs

C1 Air Cond & Press
C5 Electrical Power & Lights
C6 Equipment
C20 Structural

Components in accordance with the capability list defined in the company MOE. 

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Air Works
  SA Air Works India is the first and only EASA certified Avionics MRO in India

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Class Rating Limitation Base Line
Aircraft A1Aeroplanes/airships above 5700 kg Electric Power System and Avionics only, i.a.w. MOE part 1.9
A2 Aeroplanes/airships 5700 kg and below
A3 Helicopters
Components other than complete engines of APUs C1 Air Cond & Press
C2 Auto Flight
C3 Comms and Nav
C5 Electrical Power
C6 Equipment
C7 Engine – APU
C9 Fuel – Airframe
C11 Helicopter – Trans
C12 Hydraulic
C13 Instruments
C18 Protection ice/rain/fire
i.a.w. approved capability list of EASA Part 145 exposition    
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Air Works
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