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Air WorksAir WorksSince 1996, Air Works is authorized by Bell Helicopter as a “Customer Service Facility (CSF)” for the region.

Bell are one of most popular helicopters and are widely used in India. Over 100 Bell Helicopters operate in the country for commercial, offshore, private and government services. As a Bell Helicopter Customer Support Facility, Air Works maintains over 25 Bell Helicopters across the country. Air Works maintains models such as the Bell 407, Bell 206 L-4, Bell 230, Bell 412, Bell 427, Bell 430 and Bell 429 variants at multiple stations.

Additionally, Air Works are establishing capability to conduct component overhaul of the Bell single engined helicopters. Air Works conducts component overhaul on tail rotor gear box, main rotor gear box, gear box assembly, swash plate support, free wheel unit, tail rotor hub, mast and main rotor head assembly

Recent heavy inspections conducted on Bell by Air Works include:
  • 5 yearly / 3000 hourly inspection on a Bell 412.
  • 5 yearly inspection on Bell 407.
  • 2250 hours / 5 yearly interim inspection on Bell 206L4.
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