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Buying a business jet is just the beginning and the immediate consideration for any owner is where to register and base the aircraft, and who will manage it.

Aircraft management is where Empire Aviation focuses its distinctive asset management approach – helping owners acquire and then optimize their investment in the business jet, by operating and maintaining it to the standards required to protect its long term value.

Empire Aviation offers flexible, integrated asset management approach to owners to meet different business models, such as owner-user; partial use and charter only.Owners need to look at the managements company’s costs and infrastructure, as well as their know-how, experience and staff.

The fundamental requirement for a successful aircraft manager – owner relationship is trust, built on openness and transparency. Everyone at Empire Aviation plays a part in supporting the owner, from the company principals working directly with the owners, to all the other levels of operation and maintenance, as well as the support of the operations team 24/7.

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